hangops, european edition

Today roidrage and I hosted the inaugural European edition of the popular Hangops podcast / hangout sessions.  Hangops.eu (as we’ve taking to calling it) is functionally the same its North American counterpart – with the exception that “our” 11:00 is that of Western Europe, not California. 😉

If you’re not familiar with the Hangops, now’s the time for you to get with the programme.  The format is simple : get a group of talkative Ops people together on Google Hangouts, and see what happens !  Sometimes there are moderated talks, other times there are special guests, but the basic idea never changes – it’s fundamentally a chance for nerds to present ideas, debate topics, learn a little something, and have a good time.

The sessions are simulcast to Youtube, so if you don’t want to join the hangout itself, you’re invited to listen and participate in the IRC channel (freenode/#hangops) at your leisure.

Hope to see you out next time!

Author: phrawzty

I have a computer.

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